Member Rewards Program

My Health Pays® rewards your patients for taking healthy steps.

When Ascension Complete members complete qualifying routine preventive care and screenings, or follow prescribed care for chronic conditions like diabetes, they earn rewards on a prepaid debit card.

My Health Pays could also benefit you and your practice.

Many of the qualifying tests and screens can be completed in your office and do not require pre-authorization or a referral. When your patients get these recommended services, you could see a positive difference too:

   Better Patient Engagement

   Better Health Outcomes

Both could help your practice in achieving quality goals!

Here is the list of qualifying health services:

   Earn $25


by getting a Statin therapy medication refill

   Earn $100


by going to your Annual Wellness Visit

   Earn $15


by getting a Breast Cancer Screening

   Earn $15


by getting Ongoing Diabetes Care

   Earn $15


by getting a Colon Cancer Screening

If you have any questions about our My Health Pays rewards program, please contact us at:

Alabama: 1-833-623-0771; (TTY: 711)
Florida: 1-833-603-2971; (TTY: 711)
Illinois: 1-833-293-5966; (TTY: 711)
Indiana: 1-833-525-0824; (TTY: 711)
Kansas: 1-833-816-6623; (TTY: 711)
Michigan: 1-833-431-1356; (TTY: 711)
Tennessee: 1-833-906-2876; (TTY: 711)