Personalize Your Healthcare


Completing your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an important step for personalizing your healthcare. That means understanding any potential health risks you may have so you can receive the personal services you deserve.

Your HRA is also a great way to keep your health information up to date and make sure you have access to the right doctors and medications you may need to be healthy and stay healthy.

There is nothing more personal than your health. 

You can complete your HRA online, right now. It’s easy!

Log into your secure member account, then click “My Health” and follow the instructions.


You can also complete your HRA by mail or phone:

Fill out the HRA form that came with your Ascension Complete Welcome Kit. Then mail it back with the prepaid envelope included.

Call an Ascension Complete Care Manager. Be sure to have your Member ID number handy.

Alabama: 1-833-623-0771; (TTY: 711)
Florida: 1-833-603-2971; (TTY: 711)
Illinois: 1-833-293-5966; (TTY: 711)
Indiana: 1-833-525-0824; (TTY: 711)
Kansas: 1-833-816-6623; (TTY: 711)
Michigan: 1-833-431-1356; (TTY: 711)
Tennessee: 1-833-906-2876; (TTY: 711)

8 a.m. to 8 p.m., local time, except federal holidays.
April 1 to September 30: Monday through Friday;
October 1 to March 31: 7 days a week.

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If you have questions please, contact Member Services.