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Get to Know Your Telehealth Benefits


Telehealth, also called virtual care, allows you to interact with a doctor, nurse or therapist by phone or video. You don’t even have to leave your home for services you may need.

Many people started using telehealth services during the coronavirus outbreak to help limit possible exposure and spread.

Use your telehealth benefit for non-emergency care from in-network providers. All you need is your home phone, or use your laptop, tablet or smartphone to connect for a video call.

  • Virtual Visits with a Doctor: For added convenience, you can see your doctor right from your home.
  • Register for Ascension Online Care! This telehealth service is included with your plan and connects you to in-network doctors anytime you need care. To preregister for your Ascension Online Care services, please visit: (By clicking on these links you will be leaving the Ascension Complete website.)
  • Communicate directly with a qualified chaplain to help ease your mind and lift your spirits. Spiritual care is an essential part of your overall health, treating the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. At Ascension Complete, we understand the important role spirituality plays in the daily lives of our members. 
    • Receive personalized, one-on-one compassionate care. 
    • You have an opportunity to voice concerns and find support during difficult or challenging times. *
    • Spiritual care empowers people to find healing in light of many circumstances, past and present.
    • Available virtually 24/7.
  • To speak to someone today, register online at and enter the service key "COMPLETE" when prompted.
  • *Certain medical conditions apply to the eligibility of the benefits.
  • Speak to a Nurse 24/7: Get answers to your health questions and find out if you need to see a doctor or visit an urgent care center. Call anytime, day or night:

    Alabama: 1-844-331-0444; (TTY: 711)
    Florida: 1-833-981-0917; (TTY: 711)
    Illinois: 1-833-981-0915; (TTY: 711)
    Indiana: 1-855-795-1062; (TTY: 711)
    Kansas: 1-833-981-0916; (TTY: 711)
    Michigan: 1-855-795-1058; (TTY: 711)
    Tennessee: 1-855-795-1042; (TTY: 711)
    Texas: 1-844-697-5652; (TTY: 711)

Check out this video for more information about your telehealth and virtual care options.

Telehealth services with in-network providers work just like face-to-face in office appointments. Your telehealth visits do not require a prior authorization. Check out your Summary of Benefits.

For questions about the telehealth or virtual care services available to you, contact Member Services.

Other Physicians and Providers are available in our network.
If you have questions please, contact Member Services.